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La Associació Albadeva-Espai
ofrece un programa de voluntariado porque cree en el intercambio y en la posibilidad de trabajar unos con otros desde una verdadera involucración que no necesita el dinero como intermediario, aunque si un respeto por las necesidades reales del individuo.

Albadeva acoge voluntarios durante todo el año (de una a tres personas a la vez y un mínimo de dos semanas). Personas que estén dispuestas a colaborar con la gran variedad de trabajos que forman nuestro cotidiano. Dependiendo de la época del año y de nuestras actividades, podemos necesitar ayuda en el huerto, en la recogida de las olivas, haciendo leña, en la cocina o con la limpieza, por poner algunos ejemplos.

Teniendo en cuenta nuestras necesidades y tus habilidades, diseñaremos un programa de trabajo que contribuya al florecimiento de nuestro proyecto, al mantenimiento de nuestra sede y a tu bienestar entre nosotros.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wbnxHw2U7lU/TvHa2W1FdcI/AAAAAAAAAMk/Ov25a85ziL8/s1600/Steve2.jpgA cambio de cuatro o cinco horas diarias de tu trabajo, cinco días a la semana, Albadeva te ofrece una buena estancia, tendrás tu propio espacio, amplio, luminoso y confortable, unas deliciosas comidas, sesiones de Eufonía Gestual o Yoga Derviche (si lo deseas), acceso a biblioteca y videoteca,... y la oportunidad de aprender cosas nuevas y compartir las que conoces.

La relación que se establece con los voluntarios es enriquecedora y revitalizante, porque a pesar de no conocernos, sabemos que formamos parte de una misma red, de mundos afines, intentando Elegir que somos, que buscamos y cómo hacemos.

Más allá del tiempo que pasamos juntos, nos gusta que los voluntarios encuentren aquí un espacio abierto para sus intereses, un lugar donde poder volver y la semilla de una buena amistad.

Aquí hay un espacio abierto de testimonios y fotografías de algunos voluntarios que han convivido con nosotros. Si tienes comentarios, fotos, vídeos o cualquier tipo de material que te gustaría compartir con nosotros súbelo aquí….

Steve and Dana from Canada, 2009
Lluisa and Patrice were great hosts. We were able to do many different jobs during our two week stay with them in November. We certainly never went hungry as Lluisa and Patrice are amazing cooks. They are very easy to get along with, and work with. Accomadations were wonderful, a great experience all around.

Anna and Alina from Russian Federation, 2011
The time we spent with Lluisa, Patrice and their incredible dogs Lhasa and Juliette was just awesome! It was our first experience with HelpX, and it was so wonderful that we certainly won't forget it. Lluisa and Patrice are fantastic, very interesting and sooo generous! Their hospitality and energy seem endless, and they both have great sense of humor.We stayed with them for two weeks in July and by that time there wasn't much work (comparing to what we expected). The house where the volunteers live is really amazing. And of course the food... Just wonderful!

Tim Fowler from Australia, 2011
I stayed with Lluisa and Patrice very recently, and as others have said its was wonderful. I was able to get my hands dirty by making a fire pit for the indian sauna, which i really enjoyed doing. Hopefully it will be up and running soon...i would love to try it. The work was flexible and Patrice was organised and always had things for me to do. I enjoyed this as we often worked together on things giving us time to talk! The food and accommodation was fantastic and I was always comfortable and never hungry. This place has a great energy and i hope that all helpers that go will experience this and contribute with the same energy as Lluisa and Patrice are creating. Peace.


The Albadeva-Espai Association offers a volunteer program because we believe that real involvement does not need money as an intermediary, but that it is respect for the real needs of the individual that is a basis of successful work relationship.

Albadeva welcomes volunteers throughout the year - one to three people at a time, for a period of minimum two weeks. Volunteers do a variety of jobs that constitute our daily lives: depending on the time of year and activities, we may need help in the garden, olive harvest, preparing firewood, cooking or cleaning, to name just a few examples. Considering our needs and your skills, we will design a work program that contributes to the flourishing of our project, the maintenance of our headquarters, your well-being and comfort during your stay among us.

In exchange for 4-5 hours of work five days a week, Albadeva offers you a comfortable stay: your own spacious, bright and comfortable room, delicious meals, sessions or Gestural Euphony Dervish Yoga (if desired), an access to library and multimedia, the opportunity of learning new things and sharing what you know.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wbnxHw2U7lU/TvHa2W1FdcI/AAAAAAAAAMk/Ov25a85ziL8/s1600/Steve2.jpgThe relationship we establish with volunteers is enriching and revitalizing. Despite not knowing them beforehand, we know that we are part of the same network, neighbouring worlds, and that we all are trying to choose who we are, what we do and how we look.

After the time we spent together, we like to provide our volunteers with the possibility of coming back and strengthening the seed of good friendship. Normally, we welcome requests through Helpx and WWOOF networks but we are open to other proposals as well.

Showing further up are testimonies and photographs of some volunteers who have lived with us in Albadeva. If you have opinions, photos, videos or any type of material you would like to share with us, please comment on this article or send us a mail. Thank you!

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